The Shut Down: Kansas City’s First Pop-Up Shop Event

The Shut Down: Kansas City’s First Pop-Up Shop Event

Last week Insomniac Visionaire was invited to take part in Kansas City’s first pop-up shop event, The Shut Down. Brands independently hosting their own respective pop-up shop is a fairly common occurrence in Kansas City but The Shut Down was the first of its kind. The Shut Down utilized the event space at 2000 Grand to showcase 10+ up-and-coming, ambitious brands based out of Kansas City. Insomniac Visionaire’s go-to video guy David Kaufman came, saw, and conquered every moment with his gear. While we anticipate the promo video Dave was kind enough to release a collection of screenshots while we wait. Enjoy the visual explosion below and check out the rest of Dave’s work and his company at and go give him a ‘Like’ on Facebook!

Also, last but not least, huge shoutout to Leo (@KingLeoLyons) and Heather (@MissHeatherFay) for putting together an amazing event!

the shut down


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